Few companies in defence/aerospace or security retain the in-house knowledge or experience to properly manage all of the challenges faced by today’s importer or exporter.  Our 30 years history in providing our services across the world in both conflict and peace environments means that we have that knowledge and are happy to share it with our clients.  Our view is that it is our job to tell you the requirements and help you achieve them.

We are recognised as subject matter experts by both industry and governments in the commercial legal standards, such as INCOTERMS or Dangerous Goods Regulations as well as the applicable Trade Controls such as Import and Export control/licensing, (UK, USA ITAR/EAR etc) or the critical UK and International Customs regimes affecting Customs Duty and Taxes.

More to the point, we’re delighted to come and sit down with you and talk about these subjects without you having to make a financial commitment!