There is a balancing act between managing all the transactions of domestic transport, security, possible HAZMAT contents, international carrier availability, carrier acceptance of size or nature, Government approvals, Export Licensing, Customs clearance for export and so forth with meeting your contract or programme objectives.   Many of these factors are outside the direct control of either shipper or freight forwarder so an early risk analysis is essential.

However, shipping and logistics is a discipline that has seen a reduction in experienced staff within defence and aerospace companies. Very often, responsibility for these matters is left within the job description of commercial or contract staff without much training or experience.

How can Strategic help?

We are the “safe-hands” solution to this challenge.  An early engagement with us will allow our team to analyse your prospective move and provide the necessary kind of projections to ensure the best chance of success. We see it as our job to tell you what the risk are and how to mitigate them, as opposed to assuming you already know.  After we have made your shipment happen, we’re happy to come to you and train you in what you need to know in future.