This is the part that you are thinking about. And this is the part that a Freight Forwarder can best help you with. How to move your goods across countries or continents?  Don’t forget that the forwarder books material on the “Carrier”, which means boat, plane etc.   Consider this matrix:

How long do you have between the availability of goods and an agreed delivery date?  You have weeks or months. Ocean Freight is possible
The goods are urgent Consider Airfreight
What is the value or significance of the goods? Not high value, or routine deliveries. Ocean Freight is possible
The goods are valuable and delivery dates are critical Consider Airfreight
The goods are too large to fit inside an aircraft Either too high, too wide or too long. Ocean Freight may be your only option
For example, if the goods are less than 2.5m tall. Air Freight is a possibility
The goods are controlled by law For example, explosive, hazardous or weapons Ocean Freight may be your only option
The goods are small, not controlled by law and non- contentious In short, routine small generic shipments Consider using an Integrator service.

All of these options come with a variety of different size, types and possibilities of Carrier.

Where Strategic Can Help

We have been moving defence, aerospace, security and critical material for 32 years in both war and peace scenarios. We have chartered aircraft and ships, delivered material around the world in long term and one-off contracts.  Rely on us to help you choose the best and most cost effective means of arranging your moves.